Horse Cut Off at Bar

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Double Scotch…straigh upI love a good pint of beer.  My personal preference is a Blue Moon with an orange wedge. I know, it makes it sound like I’m a fru fru dog, but I assure you I am not.  You see, the increased intake of vitamin C is an immune system booster that provides me extra anti-oxidant protection. Who am I to say no to a healthy cocktail served in a pint glass?

Admittedly, I’ve been known to wake up in the morning with a dog, usually a heavy one, sleeping next to me. What can I say, that’s just collateral damage to my healthy ways.

I’m sure it’s no different for Peggy the horse, or used to be before she was kicked out of her local watering pub.

A Tyneside pub has called time on one of its regular visitors after the premises were refurbished.

Peggy, a 13-year-old mare, used to enjoy a pint of beer and a packet of crisps alongside her owner at the Alexandra Hotel in Jarrow.

However, she is no longer allowed to prop up the bar following a refit which included new carpets.

The horse still accompanies her owner, Peter Dolan, on his trip to the pub but has to stay tethered outside.

Tethered outside? What is this, the old west?

Landlady Jackie Gray said: “Although she is probably cleaner than some of my customers, I had to put my foot down and show her the door.”

Mr Dolan, a 62-year-old retired oil rigger, said: “People come into the pub and the first thing they say is ‘Where’s Peggy?’

“I tell them she’s kicked the habit and is teetotal now.”

How many teetotalers do you know that can fill a ten gallon can with one dump? If that’s teetotaling, I’ll stick with licking my nuts.


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