Mountain Lion Lounges Around Porch

October 2 | 1 Comment

My Kind Of Mountain LionI like to torment cats. Why? Because, well, they’re cats. A preference I have is to chase ones that are de-clawed, minimizing the potential damage to the money maker that is my fuzzy face. One rule I definitely adhere to is that the cat needs to be a house cat, and then only chase-able if it weighs less than 30 lbs. Anything bigger and who knows? One swat and I might be knocked silly. I’d never live that down in the neighborhood.

Well, in Wyoming a kitten, 80 – 90 pounds big was hassling a local resident who was forced to call the police.

A Wyoming police officer was stunned after receiving a call to get rid of a bothersome cat – only to discover the feline in question was a mountain lion.

Officer Mike Ableman says he ran back into the house when he saw the animal, but resident Beverly Hood insists she wasn’t scared by the beast.

A local newspaper says Hood wasn’t scared but just wasn’t going to go out to the back porch.

Hood says the animal was well groomed and she assumed it was someone’s pet until it stood up and hissed at her.

The animal was about 80 to 90 pounds and wildlife officials say they had to shoot the mountain lion twice with a tranquilizer gun before it was able to be taken into custody.

The only mountain lion I’ve ever chased is the stuffed one in the picture. It’s just a wise thing to do.


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