Dog’s Love of Melon Leads to Knife Fight

TastyI love watermelon, but only the seedless variety. Nothing’s worse than getting seeds in your mouth and not knowing whether you should spit them on the carpet or into your paw, especially at a dinner party.  I also prefer it nicely sliced, not too close to the bitter rind, and cubed. After all, I’m not an uncultured rube.

I imagine the dog in the following story didn’t really care how his watermelon was served based on the actions of his family.

Two Roxbury brothers stretched irony to the breaking point Tuesday night when one stabbed himself repeatedly to show he wasn’t afraid of getting hurt, while the other barricaded himself in his room with lumber and nails so cops wouldn’t put him in jail, police said.

It all started when the dog who belongs to one of the brothers ate the other brother’s watermelon, police report. That touched off a fight, and soon the two were shouting loudly back and forth until one of the brothers discovered the ultimate argument ender – self-inflicted stab wounds, police said. Police were called, the wounded man was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, while the other brother raced to his room upstairs and used a skil saw to cut pieces of lumber and nail them into place across the doorway.

“During his barricading construction project he stated that he wasn’t going to get arrested for stabbing his brother,” officer Jamie Kennealy said reading from the report.

Since witnesses corroborated the wounded brother’s story, cops had no intention of arresting him and left him in his self-inflicted jail cell.

Maybe my family isn’t so bad to live with after all.

Oh, if you’re wondering, here’s how a city dog eats a watermelon.


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