Bunny Blue After Failed Robbery Attempt

You’d be mad tooTimes are tough, what with the credit crunch, high oil prices and scarce supplies of dog treats in pet food aisles.

If it’s tough for me, I can’t imagine what it’s like for other animals out there. I know that dire times will lead to dire actions on the part of many.

That’s why I’m not surprised about this story of a poor rabbit in Europe taking to a life of crime.

A man dressed in a blue bunny-rabbit outfit – accompanied by a shotgun-wielding sidekick – has been arrested over a failed armed robbery in Sweden.

The blue rabbit and his accomplice allegedly tried to rob a currency exchange office in Farsta, to the south of Stockholm.

Currency exchange office, eh? I hope they didn’t plan on stealing any US dollars.

They attempted to force their way through security doors in the exchange – but quick thinking staff managed to shut the second of two doors in their face. At that point, the bunny and the gunman ran away, leaving onlookers perplexed.

‘I was exchanging some money and saw a huge blue bunny standing there with a bucket. There were several kids standing around it pointing and laughing…I assumed it was there collecting money for some charity,’ witness Dave Arthur told The Local.Police captured two suspects a short while later, and held them on suspicion of attempted robbery.

Since the stint as a bank robber didn’t work out, this rabbit could always fall back on a career working with these guys.


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