Dogs Save Humans, Again

My Guess? Cats Playing With Matches AgainWhat would humans do without us? Well, I know one family who would be burning up inside if their neighbor hadn’t been smart enough to adopt a couple of quick thinking canines. Not that there are any other types of dogs…except for Deputy Dawg…he’s kinda slow thinkin’.

Anyway, read CBS 3′s account of our heroes in action.

A South Hadley family is safe after a fire damages some of their home, and it’s all thanks to some unexpected help. The Spring Meadow Road family is fortunate to be safe thanks to help from a neighbor’s dogs.

It may be a pile of ashes, but the charred remains were once Steven Doyle’s garage. The South Hadley man upset, but knows it could have been worse if it wasn’t for two heroes, Tallie and Gibson. The two dogs were the first to notice the flames shooting from Doyle’s garage across the street around 3 Sunday morning. Call it canine intervention. The dogs instinctually woke up their owner Larry Katz. So he got up to see what was going on. “I looked out the window and saw flames shooting out of what I thought was my neighbors house. Thankfully, it was his garage and not his house,” said Katz.

Katz called 911 and woke up his neighbors. Doyle’s garage and the vehicles inside are a total loss and much of the siding on his house is melted. But he knows the night could have turned deadly if it wasn’t for his four-legged friends. “We are lucky the house didn’t burn and nobody was killed. It was a big loss, but material things can be replaced,” said Doyle. “I know I would have slept through it, they were all sleeping, so you know, the dogs are kind of heroes,” said Katz.

You know who wasn’t a hero in this story? A Kat or any Katz for that matter.


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