New Design in Feline Transportation

October 22 | 1 Comment

German Precision and DesignYou know how sometimes when you see a something, you just have to have it? Like the first time you saw a peanut butter filled kong.

Well I just came across something that I deem a must have item, if not for me, then for my parents. It’s a new design in kitty carriers called Tabby Tote.

Whether you have an exuberant ‘Tom’ or just a kitten, you need our new Tabby Tote feline transportation system.  A few extra turns of the stabilizer screw and your cat will be safely secured and unable to use your leg as a scratching post.

This looks like a sweet design. But is it veterinarian approved?

Dr. Malmes Dobson of Focus on the Feline, asserts that sometimes kitty needs “Tough Love”, and nothing on the market today provides a more effective way to mold your special cat into the well-mannered creature God intended.

My parents think my sister Moose meows in the car a lot now, wait until they take her to the vet’s in the Tabby Tote! I can’t wait to go along for the ride.

OK…I am just kidding!! This is a cruel device that should only be used on the very people that would actually use it.

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