Pigeons Accused of Spying, Pooping

pigeonpa090606_175x125.jpgFriends of mine have been detained by the Iranian Security Forces. No charges have been announced and they haven’t been seen in days.

I need your help in bringing awareness of this travesty to the world.

In what could see a major escalation of tension between Iran and the West, Iranian security forces have announced that they have arrested two pigeons for spying.

The two pigeons were detained in Natanz, near Iran’s uranium enrichment facility – one of the major sources of the diplomatic chill between Tehran and Western governments.

According to a report in Etemad Melli, a reformist newspaper, one of the pigeons was apprehended in the nearby city of Kashan, beside a rose water production plant.

Both pigeons were described as having ‘metal rings’ and ‘invisible string’ on their bodies, according to the AFP news agency.

That’s simple enough to explain, they were a married pigeon couple. The one wearing the metal ring was the wife, and the one with the invisible string was the husband.(Little known fact, but universally true…the nicer a male mate is to the female, the longer the invisible string gets.)

This is not the first animal-espionage incident in Iran. In July 2007, it was reported that 14 squirrels had been detained on the Iranian border for spying.

It is a well known fact that Iran is very secretive about where they keep their nuts. My guess is these squirrels were spying on the Presidential Palace.

Animals have long been used in military and intelligence operations, from dolphins being trained to detect mines to chickens recently being used by US forces in Kuwait to discover chemical weapons. During the Second World War, Britain awarded 32 medals for bravery to military pigeons (see Weird Fact of the Day, October 13).

It is not known if the two pigeons are currently being detained, if they are still alive, or what may happen to them.

Where’s Pigeons Without Borders when you need them.


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