Your Dog Wants To Go Swimming

October 27 | 1 Comment

The water is ca ca cold!You like swimming, and so do we.

Check out this great article Marina Johannsen from the

We all know that swimming is a great form of exercise and therapy for people, but what about for our dogs?

Many people do not realize the wonderful benefits of using swimming pools and therapy pool sessions to both socialize and rehabilitate dogs for a multitude of reasons.

I am sure we have all heard that swimming is one of the beast exercises because it works the major muscle groups of the body all at the same time, and can do all this maintaining a no impact technique. All of this is just as true for dogs. In fact, hydrotherapy for dogs is used for all of the following reasons and then some; Post-op and injury rehabilitation, obesity and weight gain management, geriatric support, sports and conditioning, and skeletal balancing. Sounds a lot like us right?

Go to their site to read the whole thing.  Bottom line, take your fuzzy one into the water and have a rollicking good time!


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  1. Sean on May 20th, 2014 6:22 am

    I tried to do some exercises in the water with my dog, but he just didn’t want to get in the water, so I decided to train him in a game manner. I bought special dog training device. These are two violet rings that float and they are visible in the water. I don’t know why but my dog LOVES them (may be because they are made of unique material and he just likes to bite them) and jumps in water with pleasure when I throw the ring in the water.

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