Fish Gets Hernia Operation

This is not Hernia Fish but ratther NoseJob SawfishYou ever lift something really heavy and have a twinge in your abdomen area? Then a few weeks later you notice you have this thing protruding from your body that keeps the ladies from checking out your six pack abs?

Well it happened to me when I tried to lift a 50lb bag of Milkbones. Diagnosis: Doggie Hernia.

Now a fish friend of mine knows how it feels.  Check out his story:

CARLA the angelfish has a life-saving op – to cure a HERNIA.

The 10-in long creature was anaesthetised before vet Sue Thornton used a scalpel, needle and forceps to repair the hole.

Water was pumped through her body and over her gills so she could breathe during the 30-minute, £500 procedure. She has now fully recovered.

Sue, who had two helpers, was called in after organs started to squeeze out Carla’s side. She said: “I’m thrilled she survived.”

“I can’t wait to have her for dinner tomorrow night!”

Sure, this story may seem odd, but it has nothing on the nose job this sawfish got. Seriously.


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