Fight Animal Cruelty and Vote

The Candidates Fighting Like Cats and DogsMy sister Copper is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and my brother Logan is a Bernese Mt. Dog. I only mention this because they’re immigrants to this great country we call America. They believe voting is a right that should be exercised by every man, woman, and dog in the country. Since this is the height of the election season I thought I’d do my part to get the vote out.

So, what are you voting on? No, not that silly Presidential Election but for something more important…the ASPCA Cat vs. Dog ’08 elections. In doing so, you are also casting a vote against animal cruelty.

It’s a pretty clear who to vote for, but l’ll let you decide whether you favor Mittens (a lowly cat) or Rowdy (a fabulous dog).

To help you decide, here’s their unedited debate on the pressing issues of the day.

UPDATE: Oh my looks like there’s a big scandal brewing!

If you don’t want to stand in line, you can vote online by clicking here.


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