Hen Has Sex Change

George-You may know him as GeorginaI feel comfortable in my fur suit. I’m lucky in that way.

A pal of mine at the dog park confided in me recently that he just wasn’t happy being a dog. He said he’s felt like a kitten ever since he could remember and would do anything to become a feline. Unfortunately there’s nothing I, or any dog, could do to help his situation.

Or, so I thought.

Based on the following story, it appears there may be some hope. Granted it only deals with a sex change rather than a full on species change operation, but you have to start somewhere.

A cockerel called George is ruling the roost – after transforming from a hen called Georgina.

The one-in-10,000 sex-swap has taken about two years and started when Georgina shared a home with other hens.

‘As she was surrounded by other hens with only one other male in the group she has decided to take on the role of a cockerel,’ said Jane Howorth, who keeps George at the Battery Hen Welfare Trust headquarters in Chulmleigh, north Devon.

The change is believed to happen when a damaged ovary causes the hen’s testosterone levels to soar, turning the remaining ovary into a testicle.

George has even developed a cockscomb on his head.

A cockscomb? Who knew combs have become so specialized.


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