Joe Camel Wants To Be Milked

I love chocolate but am not allowed to have any. Apparently they say it will kill.

You may be asking who ‘they’ is. Well, ‘they’ are humans, and the only reason I can think of for them continuing to push this agenda is that they want chocolate all to themselves. Sure they throw a bone our way by giving us chocolate flavored carobs every once in a while, but it ain’t like the real thing.

This morning I read about a new brand of chocolate, and I wonder to myself, “Hmmm, Bo, I wonder whether you will be allowed to have any of this?”

It’s chocolate, but not the traditional kind.

Coming to a sweet shop near you – camel milk chocolate.

Although camel milk is a traditional staple among Beduin tribes, it has never before been used in chocolate. Al-Nassma, which is available only by special order within the UAE, tastes slightly sweeter and richer than traditional chocolate, but also costs more, selling for about £4.50 a bar. It is billed as “a true innovation . . . deemed to conquer the world as the sweet ambassador of Arabia”.

He said that it took nearly three years to get the recipe right. “There was a huge amount of trial and error.

I wonder whether this will become as famous as the camel toe.


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