Jaguar Gets Root Canal

One bit of advice I give to every pup I meet: “Brush, then floss after every meal.”

To me it’s a ritual I follow on a daily basis. Sure it isn’t always easy to hold the brush and floss between my fuzzy paws, but it’s imperative I get the wildebeest out from between my teeth.

Besides, you can always tell which in the pack don’t bother with this routine, you can smell them barking from a mile away.

Anyway, if you don’t heed my advice, this is what you can expect, courtesy of the Arizona Republic.

A jaguar from Mexico got major dental work at the Phoenix Zoo on Friday from Scottsdale veterinary dentist Dr. Chris Visser and his son Louis, a dentist who normally works on humans.

The father-son team performed four root canals and three extractions on the rare cat, which had damaged its teeth trying to gnaw its way out of a metal cage after a rancher had trapped it.

No mention of the chocolate and soda the big cat devours on a daily basis.

It took six doctors, buckets of gauze sponges and a lone gunman to undo the dental damage, which was threatening the endangered animal’s life. The rifleman was there to make sure the cat didn’t suddenly wake up and hurt the people in the room.

The lone gunman, huh? I wonder if he had a magic bullet too.


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