Builder’s Closeout Special: £250K for Dog House

November 26 | 3 Comments

I thought I had it pretty good. Two parents at my beck and call, a dog bowl that’s always filled and a high speed internet connection.  I couldn’t ask for more, or so I thought.

When I saw this article in the Daily Mirror this morning I realized my parents were short changing me. In fact, they were practicing Mushroom Management techniques on me.  You know, keeping me in the dark as to what’s going on in the real world and covering me with poop.

I suddenly realize that only getting half the bed at night isn’t enough, and watching Animal Planet on a 32″ screen is slap across the snout.

Check out what some Great Danes, with funny accented barks, are getting:

A dog lover has turned half of her £1.4 million home into a luxury “kennel” for her Great Danes – complete with their own plasma screen TV, lounge and spa, it was revealed today.

The plush kennel, estimated to cost more than £250,000, will be the latest eccentric build on the Cotswold Water Park, already famous for its futuristic, sustainable designs and its population of beavers.

Sheepskin-lined, raised beds will allow the dogs to keep guard out of the windows, while in the lounge they can listen to a £15,000 sound system or enjoy shows on a 52in plasma screen TV.

A retina-controlled “dogflap” system allows them to come and go from the zinc, glass and limestone home with ease, keeping out undesirables.

A temperature-regulated Dogspa (with saline purification system) will ease their muscles and clean their coats after a hard day.

Global financial meltdown, you say. I can’t wait until doggie taxpayers have to bailout these two homeowning Great Danes.


3 Responses to “Builder’s Closeout Special: £250K for Dog House”

  1. montana on February 3rd, 2011 7:32 pm

    omg that is the best house in the hole USA! we can trade houses the dog can have my house and i will have the DOG HOUSE lol whos in the dog house the humans

  2. montana on February 3rd, 2011 7:35 pm

    i llike it :D i want it NOW wow how rich are you
                          dogs in the house

  3. montana on February 3rd, 2011 7:35 pm


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