Polar Bear Has Missing Parts

Sex sells, baby. It’s as certain as death and taxes.

In fact, I’m thinking of putting a seductive poodle on the cover of my upcoming book. Sure she has nothing to do with my life, but if it will sell a few more copies, I’m all for it. It’s not my fault Boxers will buy anything with a scantily clad dog on it.

There’s another way to sex sells, and it happens behind the scenes at zoos all the time. You’d figure, being the most knowledgeable about animals, zookeepers could tell the difference between boys and girls, but you’d be wrong.  Check out this story from the Metro paper.

Handlers of a popular polar bear, brought to mate with a female in a zoo in northern Japan, found their breeding plan was doomed when they noticed that he, in fact, was a she.

Tsuyoshi, a four-year-old, 200 kg cream-coloured polar bear, had been living in harmony with a female polar bear since June, the two often playing together, Masako Inoue, a zookeeper at the Kushiro Municipal Zoo, said on Wednesday.

“We thought he was a male, so we never had any doubts as we took care of him,” she said.

Did they initally think it was a metrosexual polar bear, making it difficult to distinguish from the female bears?

After two DNA examinations of Tsuyoshi’s hair and a manual exam, the Kushiro Municipal Zoo found Tsuyoshi to be a female.

Did they really need the DNA exam? Seriously. Did they?


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