Bobcat Expelled From School

Education. It’s the key to a prosperous and fulfulling life.

I’m a great example. I went to obedience school when I was young. Sure all I got was a perfect attendance certificate, but it was the start of opening my mind to the possibilities in life.

I’m now pert near 17 years old with an IQ four times my collar size, and twice the size of my parents’.

So I was disappointed when I saw this story from KMBC-TV of a bobcat getting expelled from elementary school.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A bobcat was captured at Maplewood Elementary School Monday morning.

The school’s facility manager was unlocking doors at the building when he spotted the cat at 6:30 a.m.

“I came out and kicked at it … tried to run it off. Then clapped. I banged on the door and it would not leave,” facility manager Paul Wolfe.

“Did you know what it was?” KMBC’s Donna Pitman asked Wolfe.

“At first, I thought it was a big house cat,” Wolfe said.

But after taking a longer look at the cat, Wolfe said he realized it was more than just a house cat. He called Critter Catchers for help.

“It’s a little female bobcat,” said Jody Paul of Critter Catchers. “She was trying to hide and there wasn’t any place to hide up there.”

Paul released the bobcat into the wild.

Hopefully the suspension won’t become part of the bobcat’s permanent record.

The site has a related video.


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