Walrus Sax For Food Scandal

December 5 | 1 Comment

I have always admired animals who are gifted artistically, whether the outlet for their creativity is painting, singing or playing an instrument.

The way I have chosen to channel my gift is to put paw to keyboard and write a little prose. The result of which is read by tens of people.

Some dogs, cats, birds, elephants, et al get to work their magic in front of much larger crowds. Take for instance this walrus who performs a saxophone routine at a zoo.

At Istanbul’s newly opened Dolphinarium, it’s a walrus named Sara that’s wowing the crowds.

The sea mammal dances and blows on a toy saxophone in a show at the $10 million facility which opened Monday on the bank of the Turkish capital’s Golden Horn.

The Dophinarium is a joint project between Turkey and Russia and gives visitors the chance to swim with dolphins, according to Today’s Zaman.

But the star of the show seems to be the walrus Sara, who can slip into mock boredom as easily as she can sway with the sax.

She looks lovely in a conductor hat too, tooting her own whistle.

Sax for food. Shouldn’t that be a crime?

Anyway, here’s the video of Sara playing her tune…enjoy.

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One Response to “Walrus Sax For Food Scandal”

  1. pop on December 8th, 2008 7:00 am

    I feel so sorry for her ….

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