Woman Hides Sedated Monkey in Blouse

My parents think I’m deceitful at times.

They’re right, I do try to hide things from them. Like, on prom night, when I took Pam the poodle to insipiration point for a little love. My parents asked where I’d been all night, I said chasing squirrels in the woods.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m neutered, otherwise we’d have a pack of Boodles running around.

But when it comes to this blog, I don’t need to be deceitful at all.  I just report on the stories as I see them,  like in this one.

A woman who hid a sedated monkey under her blouse on a flight from Thailand to Los Angeles – pretending she was pregnant – has been convicted of smuggling charges.

Gypsy Lawson, 29, from Spokane in Washington state, successfully passed through U.S. Customs in Los Angeles with the rhesus monkey hidden in her shirt after the November 2007 trip, according to The Spokesman-Review newspaper.

Her mother, Fran Ogren, 55, of Northport, Washington, accompanied her on the flight from Bangkok and was also convicted.

A jury found the two women guilty Monday on separate charges of conspiracy and smuggling goods into the United States. Sentencing is set for March 3.

They were arrested after Lawson boasted to a clothing store clerk about the airport escapade.

The monkey is now at a primate rescue facility in Oregon.

Rendition is an awful thing.


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