Plastic Owl Rescued By Firefighters

December 11 | 1 Comment

I once chased a half dead bird. It was alive, but its spirit was gone. Word in the trees was that it was a late sleeper and just never got that early worm. Its spirit crushed, I almost caught it.

The point of me bringing this up is that I could tell the state it was in. Apparently it’s not so easy with Owls.

The most famous owl I know, and I don’t even know his name, is the one who takes three licks of a tootsie pop lollipop. Even with that limited knowledge of the species I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make the mistake a few Londoners did.

The Daily Mail tells all.

Perhaps it was the startled look on its face. Or maybe the fact it was frozen with fear.

But when an RSPCA officer was called out to investigate an owl that had been perched on a telegraph pole for days, she was so concerned she called the fire brigade.

It was only as a crew were about to deploy their aerial platform ladder to pluck the poor bird to safety that residents realised what was happening and rushed over to tell them it was a plastic decoy.

Homeowners living near the telegraph pole in Rayleigh, Essex, were having a hoot yesterday as they described how the animal charity and Essex Fire Service wasted their time.

Receptionist Carolyn Dyerson, 43, said: ‘I couldn’t believe my eyes. The woman from the RSPCA had been sitting outside for two hours, watching it.

‘She thought it was real and had even brought a net with her to catch it. I felt like telling her it hadn’t moved in three weeks.’

‘It was obviously fake and so was the owl that was perched on it.’

The RSPCA said it had been tipped off after a postman noticed the bird had remained rooted to the spot during several of his daily rounds.

Spokeswoman Klare Kennett said: ‘It is not the first time we have been called to rescue an animal that isn’t real but we’d rather be safe than sorry.’

Then I guess it’s ok that I call in the rescue squad to safe Marley. Ever since the movie deal, he ‘s been anything but real.


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  1. Anonymous on June 11th, 2009 10:27 pm

    it hade been over a month since it had even moved?! she should’ove known!!

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