Car Used as Chipmunk’s Pantry

When I need to store stuff away, I usually end up digging a hole and burying it. Sure it’s not the ideal way to put my holiday ornaments away from year to year, but at least I know where to find them. Storing things properly is important to me.

You see, if I lost my first Christmas ornament, the one with a likeness of me and dated Christmas 1922, I’d  be devasted. This would, most probably, start a peeing spree like no other. Nothing would be safe, not even my old man’s galoshes.

So I can’t imagine how the chipmunk in this story from the Metro must feel today after his storage center was raided.

A woman in America was surprised to discover the reason why her car’s indicator and windscreen wipers had stopped working – there were thousands of nuts under the bonnet of her car.

The implausibly-named Hope Wideup, of Demotte, Indiana, came across the horde of walnuts when she opened the car’s bonnet to see what was wrong. ‘There were thousands in there. They were everywhere,’ she said.

Wideup suspects that it all started when a chipmunk snatched a garden glove from her yard. She later found the glove in the engine compartment when she was trying to repair the broken turn signal.

Maybe the chipmunk was just checking the oil for her? How ungrateful humans can be!

Unable to fix the problem, however, Wideup let the car sit unused for a couple of weeks, before hearing an unusual noise from the engine when she finally tried to start the vehicle.

One repair bill of $242 later, Wideup is no longer taking any chances – alternating use of her two cars so neither one is sitting too long.

‘It’s funny, but it’s not,’ she commented.

Raiding someone’s food pantry sounds funny, but it’s not. Unless it’s me doing the raiding. Then, it’s hilarious.


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