Gorillas Make Eyes Mist

December 18 | 2 Comments

You ever have bad cheese? Or maybe it was some old salami. It may have even been some bad pepperoni slices. Regardless, it all ends up resulting in the same thing – a gastrointestinal disturbance.

I thought it was just canines that succumbed to this condition since I’ve never heard my feline sister Moose fart. Sure she takes dumps bigger than a Nor’easter in January, but she doesn’t blow any air.

Based on the following story, it appears Gorillas are more canine than feline.

Zookeepers at Chessington Zoo in Surrey, England have issued an apology to visitors due to the foul stench coming from a gorilla enclosure after the animals were fed brussel sprouts.

The primates were fed the green treats due to the vitamin C they contain.

But, the strong smells produced from the gorillas have now forced the zoo to revert back to the usual diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts and leaves during operating hours.

They’ll still get the sprouts at closing time.

My parents should be happy. At least I don’t charge them to watch me fart in bed.


2 Responses to “Gorillas Make Eyes Mist”

  1. Karin RN on December 18th, 2008 1:39 pm

    Funny post. I don’t eat brussel sprouts. I should try it but then again maybe I shouldn’t.

  2. Karen on December 19th, 2008 3:56 am

    The reason this is so funny is that even though we all know that animals can get gas, it is not something we expect.  And  by the way, cats get gas too.  I had a dainty little female cat who could make a stink that made my husbands farts seem like roses in comparison.  Hers never made a sound but the smell could chase you out of the room.

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