Dog’s Diet Deemed Too Rich

January 2 | 2 Comments

Charitable contributions. They’re usually used to help those less fortunate than us through tough times. I like that.

You know who else who likes charitable contributions? Lewis, a five year old labrador retriever. He, however,  likes them for a different reason; he thinks they taste great.

Here’s the story which illustrates why I always tell pups to make it a habit to wash their paws after handling money.

Mr Webb is a member of the Frinton Rotary Club in Essex was put in charge of organising the Christmas fundraising.

He said: “We had been collecting during the carol concert and had gone out on a sleigh with Father Christmas on board and I had been counting the money and sorting it for banking.

“I came down the other morning and by the coffee table there were shreds of paper. I realised what they were and I thought ‘no – he’s eaten all the notes’.”

Mr Webb said he had since been in touch with the Bank of England about replacing the notes, and he was relieved to be told that it happened “all the time”.

He added: “I just have to send it all off. Lewis will eat anything”

The shreds, and the rest of the notes that were fully digested, have now been bagged up and the couple hope they can be substituted.

Makes one wonder whether Lewis gets to deduct his ‘deposit’ as a charitable contribution from his taxes.


2 Responses to “Dog’s Diet Deemed Too Rich”

  1. mike eggers on January 5th, 2009 10:16 pm

    My German Shepherd ate 33 golf balls and obviously had to have them surgically removed

  2. Bo on January 6th, 2009 2:50 pm

    Was he trying out for a part in Cool Hand Luke?

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