Horse Breaks Into Theater

Hey, why the long face? Is it because I haven’t posted many horse stories lately? Well, just whinnie and you shall receive.

Today’s story is simple, really. It’s about a horse looking to catch the latest movie release of Batman, and then undoubtedly sneaking into the re-screening of National Velvet.

Let’s face it, watching a movie in a stall can’t be compared to watching it in a theater. It makes spending five times what you normally would on a large bag of oats worth it. That, plus the stadium seating make it a worthy night out on the town, even if you don’t have a mare to share it with.

The Metro has all the details on this story.

The animal unwittingly became the star attraction after it was scared into the Cineworld complex by a child.

‘It was wandering around outside and a little girl frightened it by blowing a raspberry at it,’ said an onlooker.

‘The horse noticed the cinema and headed towards us. When it got close, the automatic doors opened and in it came.’

‘It was a bit of a surprise – the public don’t expect to see a horse in the middle of a cinema foyer,’ added the witness.

There were no reports of injuries – to man or beast – and the horse was safely captured after galloping off into the sunset along the A19.

The last time the cinema had such a scare was at the premiere of The Hottie and the Nottie.

Of course it wasn’t an equestrian threat, but rather just an old fashioned bomb scare.


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