Firefighting Mule is a Hero

January 7 | 2 Comments

The only Lou I’ve ever known was a cantankerous news producer on the Mary Tyler Moore show.  Fortunately for a woman in Tennessee, she knows a Lou too.

Her Lou is not a him, and it’s not a human either, but rather a mule with a Smokey Bear attitude. Not since Gus the field goal kicking mule have we seen such praise showered upon the symbol of the equestrian working class.

But it seems, this mule deserves the praise.

Pet news examiner Helena Sung has all the details.

Jolene Solomon, 63, was sitting down to dinner on New Year’s Day when she heard her pet mule, Lou, come running out of the barn.

Lou was agitated, throwing her head back and braying. Wondering why her normally placid mule was acting so strangely, Solomon stepped outside. That’s when she saw the flames.

“When I looked around the side of the house, that’s where the fire was coming from,” Solomon told News Channel 5 in McCinnville, Tennessee. “And a fire blazing out just like it was wide open.”

Solomon called 911 and stood watching with Lou at her side as her house burned to the ground. Solomon lost the only home she’s ever known and everything in it, but considers herself lucky.

Solomon doesn’t know how old Lou is. Years ago, her father bought Solomon a pair of mules–Lou and her sister, Blue–to help Solomon around the farm. Blue died six years ago; an incident that took Lou months to get over.

Solomon is staying with family until her home is rebuilt–whenever that may be.

You done good Lou. Now go back to pulling that plow, would ya.

Here’s the video interview with Ms. Soloman.


2 Responses to “Firefighting Mule is a Hero”

  1. Keisha on January 9th, 2009 3:38 pm

    I think it’s great that Lou was able to get her owners attention. Equines are amazing animals, especially mules and donkeys!

  2. on March 1st, 2013 9:15 pm

    Your personal article, “Bo Knows – He Just Doesn’t Listen

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