Help a Skunk – Get Arrested

Something smells funny about this story. In fact, it smells like a conspiracy created from within the deep bowels of Salt Lake City’s government skunkworks facility.

OK, there really isn’t a conspiracy. Truth be told, the only thing odiferous about this tale is one of the key players in it. No, I’m not talking about the skunk, but rather about the defense attorney.

With the 72 trillion smell registers on my nose, I can smell her all the way here in Atlanta.

Nose news alert!!!

— Kim Jong Il just farted…had corned beef and cabbage last night.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog read…

The lesson learned in SLC, “Thou shalt not help smelly creatures in need. ” has all the details.

The case of a hot skunk in South Salt Lake is over.

Defense attorney Susanne Gustin said, “It’s justice for Sammy the skunk today, as well as Ryan Turner.”

It all started last August when Turner called the city about a skunk problem. City officials said Turner was given the option of renting a trap to catch the skunk, but when he learned it would cost $50 dollars, he changed his mind.

Instead, city crews brought out a trap and placed it on South Salt Lake property. The skunk was caught, but when the temperature went up to over 100 degrees, Turner moved the trap to his driveway under a rose bush so the skunk would be in the shade.

But during a 90-minute court case today, the prosecutor had a change of heart.

Turner said he was glad it was over but didn’t think he was a changed man. He said, “If I see a trap, if I see an animal in distress, I’ll do the same thing. I will. I’ll try to do it through the correct channels.”

Hmmm…little know fact, but I’m in distress too. I can barely reach the bon bons on the table from my position on the couch.


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