Hamsters – Not Just For Richards Anymore

Some things I can’t put a price on. Things like always having plenty of food, unlimited nap time and farting in bed.

For humans, I’d put dog ownership in the same class. You can’t buy the companionship a canine offers for any price.

Seriously, where else could humans turn to find a non-judgemental animal willing to put up with their psychotic behavior? Maybe there’s a species on Planet Lovetron willing to put up with it, but not here on earth.

Well, humans being who they are, don’t care and are looking for a lower priced alternative to dog ownership.

AsiaOne News has the story.

WHEN it comes to choosing a pet for the family, very few can beat the winter-white hamster.

The Pet Lovers Centre – which has 16 outlets selling small pets – told my paper that it sells about 1,300 hamsters, mostly the winter-white breed, every month.

The reason for their popularity despite the downturn?

They are a much cheaper alternative to other pets like dogs and are well-liked by young children and adults.

A winter white costs between $8 and $10. First-time pet owners need pay only between $90 and $100 for a hamster, a cage and accessories, and spend less than $20 a month on its food.

In comparison, a dog costs about $1,000. The price goes up to $3,000, depending on the breed. The upkeep of a dog can go beyond $100 monthly.

Little wonder then that the humble hamsters appear to have replaced dogs as man’s best friend.

That’s all fine and good until someone farts in the room and there’s no one to blame.


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