Obesity Knows No Bounds

First there was the wheel. Then came sliced bread. Now man awaits his next great invention.

What will it be? Could it be a super food to cure world hunger, or possibly an environmentally friendly energy source, or something greater still, like a dog treat that combines carobs, peanut butter and cat poo all in one?

If you ask one Mark Schuette, the next great invention is an energy efficient scooter. Of course, energy efficiency is in the eye of the beholder.

To see what I’m talking about, check out Mr. Schuette’s vision of the future.

At first glance, it reminds you of an old motorcycle and side-car. But this pooch-powered scooter is being hailed as the the latest in dog walking technology.

Owners simply strap their dogs into a harness, which is attached at the side to a scooter. The human rider can put on the brakes and retains directional control, just in case an excitable dog decides to veer off in the wrong direction.

It was created by bored dog-walker Mark Schuette from Oregan, U.S. And his unique take on ‘walkies’  has already stirred plenty of interest.

‘We have all seen dogs and sleds and their owners shouting ‘mush’ at them to control them,’ Mr Schuette said.

‘Well this system allows the dog walker to give their dog a similar workout, but they keep themselves in complete control.’

‘Most healthy, confident, young and driven dogs get over the “fear” of being next to wheels and restricted side to side movement in one session – but some may be more spooked and then take repeated sessions,’ he said.

Mr Schuette dismissed concerns that the scooter was unfair to dogs.

‘The location and the way the dog is harnessed into the scooter was designed to be neutral to the units handling, and place no weight on the dog,’ he said.

This is an invention people need. It’s not like they’re getting fatter by the moment and need to exercise.

I just hope my old man doesn’t see this post. I don’t think my creaky body would take well to this device, unless we were going for a ‘pull’ that was downhill both ways.

It makes me wonder, though; if Chinese rickshaw driver’s see this device, will they be looking to upgrade to it?

Anyway, here’s the device in action…

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