Wii me? Wii Me?

January 22 | 1 Comment

I remember my first video game system … Colecovision. It was a hand me down from my father, given to me at my second birthday party.  Although I enjoyed Donkey Kong immensely, my all time favorite was Burgertime.

Let’s be honest, what’s not to like about making burgers that are five times bigger than the chef? I’d just wished I’d had opposable thumbs so I could control the game better.

Life is so much easier for pups today because they have access to the Wii. Although I don’t have any direct experience with the system, I’m waiting for the next generation Poo to come out, I hear the system kills.

To back that up, here’s a story from the Metro.

A puppy has been brought back from the dead by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation – after it was nearly killed by a wayward Nintendo Wii controller.

Five-month-old Ozzy, a miniature Sheltie belonging to Kathy White of Marquette in Michigan, was knocked unconscious and stopped breathing after White accidentally hit him with the Wiimote while playing Wii Sports Bowling.

‘We had just got the Wii for Christmas, so we were trying it out,’ White told, ‘and that’s when Alexis and I were bowling and Ozzy was standing by me and he jumped up and I hit him in the temple and killed him instantly.’

Fortunately for Ozzy, White’s neighbour Pene Honey responded to her call for help – and managed to bring him back from the brink by giving him mouth-to-mouth.

I don’t know what surprises me more; that one shot to the temple can kill you or that bowling is considered a  sport.


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  1. pop on January 29th, 2009 4:40 am

    mmmhhh we got a wii too for christmas and I noticed the violent gestures from my mom when she plays tennis … I got to be carefull… I also noticed mom whined the day after playing tennis that wii because she said it gave her tendonitis… that game really is a mess…

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