No Water for Kentucky

To look at me, you’d think I was fearless. But you’d be wrong to think it.

There are plenty of insecurities I have floating around my little brain. I probably shouldn’t share them with you, lest they be used against me for devious purposes. Ahh, what the heck, I’ll throw you a bone and give you one.

I’m afraid of spiders.

I know, I know. It’s just that when I sniff them up close, they’re really scary smelling! It stiffens my tail, it’s so disgusting.

The good news is that I can live with that fear, and no one is the wiser. I bet the penguin in the next story wished he had it so good.

His friends are more than happy to splash about in their icy pools – but for Kentucky the penguin, water holds a real chill.

The runt steadfastly refuses to take the plunge, causing his keepers no end of woe.

They’ve tried forcing Kentucky in to keep his feathers clean – but have resorted to pouring water on him.

The Humboldt penguin was born small and has always had moulting problems – but he has won the hearts of those at Chester Zoo in Cheshire.

‘He just sat there looking a bit lonely on his rock. He’s really cute but I felt sorry for him. It’s like a monkey who’s scared of climbing trees.’

Or a dog afraid of peeing on the couch.


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