Dumbo Recycles Christmas Trees-Naturally

I’ve never been fond of chasing things that aren’t alive, things like sticks and limbs that my cheap ass father likes to throw.

I’m also not much of a gnawer on those products either. For the record, I’m also not fond of climbing trees.

Well, it seems I may have been short changing myself a bit. Turns out trees are good food. Really.

Just check out this story about German elephants and their penchant for tasty, woody treats.

KRONBERG, Germany, Feb. 5 (UPI) — The director of Germany’s Opel Zoo said the facility’s three African elephants have finished eating 300 Christmas trees donated after the holiday.

Zoo director Thomas Kauffels said the 300 unused trees were donated by traders who would have otherwise thrown out the leftover stock, Der Spiegel reported Thursday.

Elephants like to eat wood, it’s important for their digestion because it gives them roughage, especially in winter when there aren’t many leaves on the trees,” Kauffels said.

“We fed them one or two trees each per day,” said Kauffels. “If we gave them 10 at a time they’d get picky and would only eat the tips.”

You think elephant poop was a pain to clean up when they were just eating Elephant Chow? Just imagine when it’s embedded with pine needles. I know it must be a pain, because my mother tells me those things just don’t come out of the carpet.

Here’s a nice picture gallery of the beasts eating trees at Der Spiegel online. Don’t worry, the pictures are in English.


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