Where in the World is Carmen? England?

February 13 | 1 Comment

I think it’s in every dog’s nature to feel bad for those less fortunate than us. Take for instance humans.

They’ve lost the ability to live in the moment, to sniff each other (without reproach) in public and to smell a dropped piece of bacon from two cities away.

I look at them and it makes me want to weep. But then I remember where my balls used to be and lick myself instead.

However, the following story had me in a fetal position, with a box of kleenex after reading the beginning.

A blind pensioner with no sense of smell who knocked her gas on says she was saved by her guide dog.

Being blind isn’t a problem, but not having a sense of smell is tragic! She’d never be able to smell a hearty stew, a pile of cat poo or her closest friends! Sad indeed.

Ivy Needham, 83, accidentally knocked the gas tap on her cooker after making lunch and left it on for more than six hours.

But Mrs Needham, who is also deaf, knew nothing about the problem.

She’s deaf too?

She was lying collapsed in her arm chair at home in Belle Isle from the gas fumes, when loyal guide dog Carmen, a black curly coat retriever, woke her by tugging and eventually tearing her sleeve.

“Carmen was dragging me off the chair, trying to get me to the door, but I was so sleepy I couldn’t wake up. The dog was sick and in a panic. She definitely saved me. She’s my hero.”

Then her home helps arrived on the scene and were overwhelmed by the strong smell of gas and immediately rang 999.

“We got Ivy out straight away and turned the gas tap off, then called 999. We were really worried that something would spark an explosion as the smell of gas was so strong.”

They opened all the windows and doors to her bungalow and brought Ivy round before gas emergency services arrived.

“I want to warn other people, especially older people, to be very careful around their cooker and not to knock anything on.”

I’m always very careful around my cooker. If I’m not, she won’t feed me.


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  1. Daniela Caride on February 14th, 2009 8:05 am

    Bo, what a great story! You’re right about us, humans. We forgot how to live in the moment. But fortunately we have you dogs to show us the way.


    Happy Valetnie’s Day!!

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