Giant Rabbit No Bull

February 25 | 1 Comment

I like rabbits, especially the one they call Bugs. Not only is he an intelligent, sarcastic wisenheimer but he’s also got a penchant for getting his way. If Bugs were a dog, he’d be me.

But he’s not, so he’ll forever remain a stupid bunny in the minds of the common man.

Bugs Bunny aside, the average rabbit won’t be threatening the canine dominance of man any time soon.

That’s not for a lack of trying, though. Take for instance Tiny, a UK rabbit who escaped from his owners,  requiring the police and eight other folks to catch him.

Here’s the story

Pcs Matt Jackson and Yasmin Mossadegh, of Kent Police, came across the two-foot long, 20lbs animal – the size of a small dog – hopping along a road in Canterbury at 2.20am on Sunday.

They admitted that at first it seemed like “something out of Alice in Wonderland”. But detaining the albino rabbit before it caused an accident proved to be more of a handful than they first thought.

After spending 10 minutes fruitlessly trying to grab the animal – even resorting to using their jackets as matador capes in a bid to snare the creature – they had to call on eight members of the public to help out.

The officers and members of the public pursued it for about 200 yards before it was finally caught.

The rabbit has been nicknamed Tiny and is currently being cared for by staff at Barton Veterinary Hospital in New Dover Road.

It is still unknown where the animal came from.

Sounds to me as if someone needs to sit this reporter down and have a little discussion about the birds and the bees.


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  1. Roy Berger on July 16th, 2011 7:02 pm

    Just wait. Some DNA change and they will be taking the pictures and featuring you in the newspaper. If their brain was just a tad bigger I’m sure they would carry pointed sticks.

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