Beaver Floods Apartment

Mention beaver to a puppy and they gush with happiness and joy. Mention beaver to an adult dog and they’ll regale you with stories of mischief and mayhem. Mention beaver to a canine in his teens and he just giggles.

I land in the adult category, and I for one respect the mischief that beavers cause. The latest incident comes from Beaverton, the little Italy for beavers.

A pesky beaver making its home in an area wetland is causing some headaches for neighboring apartments.

The beaver’s home in a marshy area at Center Street Park, located at the corner of Southwest 117th Avenue and Center Street, has caused Beaverton Creek to flood.

The park land is owned by the Tualatin Hills Parks and Rec District. Officials said they’ve been unsuccessful in getting the beaver to move away from the area on its own, forcing them to consider other options, such as trapping the beaver or weeding out some of the beaver’s natural habitat and maneuvering pipes in a way that is less invasive.

However, Barbarasch said the beaver will likely flood the nearby apartments if officials don’t take action.

Parks and rec officials have yet to decide what their next step will be.

I’m surprised the beaver did this. Eddie Haskell, yes. The Beave, not so much.

Video at the link.


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