Spare Me the Details

March 10 | 1 Comment

Spare Me the DetailsBowling has never been my thing.

It’s not because I have difficulty jamming my paws into those tiny holes. No, it’s because I don’t like wearing those ugly shoes they have at the alley. Seriously, who likes to walk around in ridiculous looking loafers with other dogs’ paw sweat in them?

Unless you’re a reformed germ freak, you have to pull out a bottle of Purell and spray your digits before you can lick those precious paw pads again.

So color me unaffected by the following story about a family, a chicken and a bowling pin.

An animal lover has found her chickens are game for anything after one laid an egg resembling a tenpin bowling pin.

Natalie Wiltshire said the bizarre creation was laid by one of her 20 chickens and reckons it is one of a kind.

‘I’ve done a bit of research and there’s nothing to suggest you should ever get eggs in this shape,’ said the 43-year-old.

The mother of three found it last week and was initially tempted to sell it on eBay.

‘I don’t know how much it would fetch but I remember a cornflake shaped like Jesus that sold for quite a lot of money so you never know,’ added the yoga teacher from Willoughby, Northamptonshire.

But the odd egg has proved such a hit with children Oliver, 13, Edward, ten, and six-year-old Benedict that she has been persuaded to hang on to it.

‘It really is quite an extraordinary shape. All I need now is another nine pins and a round one for a bowling ball and we have the complete set,’ she joked.

What’s next…an ostrich laying a lawn dart?


One Response to “Spare Me the Details”

  1. pop on March 31st, 2009 2:44 am

    oh ! what a lovely egg ! I don’t know if this mom would have sold it for true cash on ebay but really it is worth having a look !! I never seen anything like that in my life!
    when I know the egg forms itself inside the chicken belly , maybe we can imagine there’s a contraction of the bowel . this chicken needs a good endoscopy ! bol!

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