Hot Dogs for Guns

Labrador FuddSome dogs are better than others.  The same can also be said for humans, and if I take it one step further, I can even apply it to criminals.

That’s right, criminals. They’re not all evil to the core like the ones that kidnap dogs for ransom. No, there are  kinder hearted thugs raping and pillaging this great world of ours too.

But what makes a criminal, a good criminal?

Just check out this story of gun thieves in Jersey and you’ll know the answer.

SOMERVILLE, N.J. – Police believe three men used hot dogs to distract a dog and make off with seven guns.

Police found the raw hot dogs strewn about a Bridgewater home, where a Labrador resided.

Police tracked the hot dogs to a supermarket and officers used surveillance video to identify a suspect.

Ronald Elizondo, of Raritan Borough, along with Franklin Township residents Adrian McKoy and Tyshinue Haskins, are charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary and other offenses.

Me thinks the lab was in on it. How else to explain uneaten hot dogs still strewn about the house?


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