Two in the Hand, Worth One in the Cage

Cockatoo, Brutus?I consider myself a savvy haggler, especially after my parents have come home from grocery shopping. I know there are goodies in the fridge with my name on it. All it takes is a bit of patience and the knowledge that all humans are weak to get at them.

At these times, when my parents offer me a plain old dog biscuit to entice me to sit, I’ll turn and walk away. When they offer me peanuts, I’ll stand there, staring back at them with the “You gotta be kidding me” look. Only when their offer is upgraded to a hot dog will I firmly place my butt on the floor, and if they went upscale with the Nathan’s variety I’ll even offer up a paw.

A couple in Louisiana would do well to follow my strategy for surely they could have gotten a little more in this transaction.

A couple traded their cockatoo and $175 for two children with another woman. All three have been arrested.

Paul and Brandy Romero from Louisiana had offered their cockatoo for sale for 1,500. But they were instead approached by Donna Greenwell who offered two of three children she was looking after to the couple for $2,000.

After some haggling the agreed price was the bird plus $175 for the two children, aged four and five. Greenwell was looking after the kids for a woman who was going through a divorce.

Greenwell, a truck driver, said she needed the money for adoption paperwork. The other child had been placed with a different family.

Just think, a year ago that cockatoo would have gotten you at least three kids. Just another sign this economy is headed for a depression.


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