The Flight Less Traveled

March 17 | 1 Comment

Ninja TurkeySuperman does it. So does Underdog. The Greatest American Hero does it too, although not as well as the other two.

That’s right, it’s flying. Truth be told, I can’t fly. My paws just won’t reach the rudder controls, no matter how hard I try.

Don’t feel bad though, because you know who else can’t fly? Turkeys. You know, the bird, with big wings. Yeah, that thing can’t make it over the Sunday Times.

Well, just because you’re born a turkey doesn’t mean you have to live a life destined to travel by putting claw to pavement. With a little initiative you can take the flight less traveled like this upwardly mobile bird in Maine.

BUCKFIELD, Maine – Police said a wild turkey is to blame for knocking a 23-year-old man off his motorcycle and breaking his collarbone. Maine State Trooper Corey Huckins said Jeffrey Russell of Hartford was riding with a friend on Route 117 in Buckfield on Sunday afternoon when a wild turkey flew straight into his chest, knocking him backward off his motorcycle. Huckins said the impact was like “hitting a bowling ball at 45 mph.”

Police said Russell was knocked unconscious and flown in a medical helicopter to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.

OK, so maybe the turkey didn’t get off the ground any farther than the Wright Bros, but at least he tried. If I think hard enough I know there’s a lesson in there somewhere,  but before I do I need to nap first.


One Response to “The Flight Less Traveled”

  1. Freckles on March 17th, 2009 9:40 pm

    The turkey was getting his revenge for Thanksgiving 2008 – probably lost a buddy or loved one.

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