The Hotel New Havernese

March 27 | 3 Comments

At your serviceLet’s be honest with each other. Work sucks.

Do you know of any dogs that actually enjoy their jobs? Sure Rufus may look like he enjoys snatching a biscuit from his nose, but he ain’t having any fun. Sunshine rolling over for a treat? A blow to her self esteem.  She might as well be working the pole.

Maybe the trick to happy employment is to do something non-traditional?

The following article explores that idea, highlighting one dog’s pursuit of a career less smelled…

These days, Dillon is working like a dog at Kimpton’s Hotel Burnham. You won’t hear him bitching about it though.

The 4-year-old bulldog is the new director of pet relations, serving as ambassador for pets at the hotel at 1 W. Washington. Stationed in the hotel’s living room, Dillon greets travelers, poses for photos with guests and helps provide treats to traveling pets. “We’re die-hard about our pets,” spokeswoman Jennifer Navarro said.

Dillon got the gig by following his owner, new general manager Duncan Clements, to the hotel from Dallas, where the bulldog served in pet relations at Kimpton’s Hotel Lumen.

Regardless of career, it all comes down to who you know rather than what you know.


3 Responses to “The Hotel New Havernese”

  1. Mushers Market on March 30th, 2009 2:26 am

    Loved your message. Thanks for sharing. Cute dog too! :-)

  2. Ruby Isabella Jones on March 30th, 2009 3:29 am

    The thing that separates dogs from people is that dogs don’t have jobs (mostly). That’s why people would like to be dogs.

  3. AnnaHopn on April 15th, 2009 5:35 pm

    Hi, Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

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