Smelling Good

Two smellers for the price of oneI have no patience with animals that say one thing to your snout and another behind your tail.

If you have something to say, say it.

Take for instance the animals I like to call my parents. To my face it’s all, “No Bo, your butt isn’t getting any bigger. It’s still cute as ever.”

Behind my back I hear my father tell my mother, “What a tub of goo he’s turning into.”

Now it looks like a bunny is getting in on the two faced party…well kind of.

MILFORD — It’s soft, it’s cuddly and it’s cute — even though it has two noses.

That’s right, a baby bunny with two noses. And it’s no April Fools joke, either.

“In my 25 years in the pet shop business, I’ve never had anything like this,” said Tom Fomenko, Sr. owner of Purr-Fect Pets, Inc. 282 Boston Post Road.

That’s until March 24. That’s when Allison Noe, a store employee, discovered the oddity while inspecting a batch of newly-delivered, six-week old dwarf rabbits.

When she picked up a tri-colored baby boy bunny and looked at its face, she did a double take. The rabbit has two separate noses each with two nostrils. “I brought it up to the front counter to show everyone,” she said.

Store employees are now vying to name the animal.

Reynolds like Cyrano de Bergerec, because of the long nose.

Nieves prefers Deuce.

Meanwhile, store employees have become attached to the bunny and are hoping it won’t be sold.

“It would be a hot commodity for us,” Nieves said.

If it does get sold, Fomenko said it will got to a special place and not the highest bidder.

“It’s not just another animal. It’s special, ” the owner said.

Can you imagine me with two noses? That’s like imagining Einstein with two brains.


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