Polly Want a Cupcake?

April 30 | 1 Comment

Let me at 'emChocolate. The forbidden fruit.

I think it’s a fruit because it’s certainly not a vegetable, and truth be told, vegetables are deadly too. It’s just that veggies steal a little of your soul one crappy asparagus tip at a time rather than the quick demise cocoa offers.

Check out how one Polly Purebred cheated death while cheating on her diet in this story from the BBC.

A dog narrowly avoided death after eating more than 20 chocolate cupcakes.

Polly, a one-year-old Patterdale terrier from Southampton, ate the cakes after being accidentally locked in the family’s kitchen by her owners.

Owner Yvonne Taylor found the canine surrounded by chocolate wrappers and, knowing of the dangers of cocoa poisoning, contacted vets.

“They gave her an injection to induce vomiting and then proceeded to wash out her stomach under a general anaesthetic.”

“Luckily, Polly pulled through and survived.”

I wouldn’t need the injection. All they would have to do is force me to watch a cat lick itself after hitting the kitty litter box. That would induce plenty of vomiting. Projectile vomiting, to be exact. To me that’s like peeing on a tree, not washing your paws afterwards, and then begging for some paw lickin’ barbeque ribs.


One Response to “Polly Want a Cupcake?”

  1. baileys on April 30th, 2009 9:43 am

    Chocolates are really bad for dogs. Good news Polly survived! What happened to this news .. I think the $1 million prize includes money, goods and services provided through Zootoo.

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