Google Hires Kids to Mow Lawn

May 4 | 1 Comment

Search ThisIt’s early in the spring season and my family’s lawn is eyeball high. I wouldn’t mind but when I pee in it, I dribble all over myself.

My father has been traveling lately so he hasn’t mowed a thing. Afraid to cut her toes off, my mother hasn’t stepped up either. And frankly I can’t start our Lawnboy with a pull handle made for hands rather than paws, so I’m not doing it either.

That’s probably why we got a letter from the homeowner’s association. The lawn prompted it or it may just be the garbage bag hanging from our chimney for the world to see. But the Hefty bag is a story for another day, specifically October 8th when my book, Bad to the Bone, is released.

Turns out this lawn mowing problem isn’t just affecting people but big corporations too. Just Google Google Goats and you’ll see what I mean, or you can just read the story below.

Google, a company revered for its ability to think outside the box, has come up with a novel way to clear its land of brush.

They’ve hired goats to clean their brush. No, they aren’t “kidding”.

In California, the high rate of brush fires makes it a legal requirement that landowners remove excess brush from their land. The conventional way to do this is, of course, to use lawnmowers and other CO2 belching machinery.

Google has instead decided to employ 200 goats from a unique company called California Grazing to do what they do best: eat brush. Dan Hoffman, Director Real Estate and Workplace Services, posted on Google’s blog:
A herder brings about 200 goats and they spend roughly a week with us at Google, eating the grass and fertilizing at the same time. The goats are herded with the help of Jen, a border collie. It costs us about the same as mowing, and goats are a lot cuter to watch than lawn mowers.

This isn’t entirely new to the Valley either, Yahoo has a goat-staff working for them too.

Unfortunately for Yahoo, the goats work in their IT department.


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  1. Animals Away on May 4th, 2009 10:47 am

    Now that is thinking outside of the box. Way to go Google!

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