Seahorse Gets 2 to 1 Odds on Survival

May 14 | 2 Comments

Oh NellyI hate it when folks can’t make up their minds. How hard is it to just make a decision and move on with life?

Why take more than a split second to decide whether to eat the chips or the potato salad first on the dish sitting in front of you? Why spend any time wondering whether to smell a new visitor’s crotch before licking their hand? And time spent thinking about the repercussions of sitting in the old man’s chair is just wasteful.

I say do what makes you feel good.

Today’s story has nothing to do with making decisions, but is used to show that God doesn’t always decide correctly either. How else to explain the seahorse?

I imagine him saying, “I’m bored today. Maybe I’ll make a horse. Yeah, but I really need to finish up that sea thing I started yesterday.  I don’t know which to do first. ”


Next thing you know and there ares horses in the sea. Doesn’t make much sense, but that’s what happens if you’re caught between two competing initiatives (FYI…this stuff just pops in my head as I type so I’m going to stop here before it gets weird).

While I do, you can read this story about a seahorse ending up in a garden.

WEYMOUTH, England, May 14 (UPI) — A British woman who lives 3 miles inland saved the life of a seahorse she found on her front lawn, apparently dropped there by a gull.

The seahorse, now named Pegasus, is recovering in a quarantine tank at the Sea Life Center near Karen Warr’s house in Weymouth, the Daily Mail reports.

Warr said she was on her way to buy a newpaper when she spotted a “funny object,” which turned out on closer inspection to be a seahorse, lying next to the front walk. She said the seahorse could not have been in her yard long since her cat was out and would have certainly eaten it.

Warr put the seahorse in a bowl of tepid water and called the Sea Life Center.

Claire Little of the Sea Life Center said seahorses are “quite hardy.”

Inspirational moment!!! New business idea from Bo Headquarters…saddles for seahorses! Any low cost leather suppliers out there? Please contact me asap!


2 Responses to “Seahorse Gets 2 to 1 Odds on Survival”

  1. Todd on May 15th, 2009 1:09 pm

    Totally into the get rich quick idea, Bo! Another idea — how about we team up not only to make the saddles, but we race the suckers too! We could do the Kentucky Derby in the Mississippi River!

  2. Bo on May 18th, 2009 9:21 pm

    Todd…I like the way you think!!

    Love your videos!! You are quite the photogenic pup.

    Check it out folks:

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