Cougar Survives Tazer Attack from Police

Don't Taze Me BroCats are big, cats are small but even a pocketbook dog would beat them all.

That’s what I believe, anyway.

No doubt, humans believe they would beat them, too. A feeling I would agree with, if only for the advanced technology humans always have within paws reach.

But then a story comes across my computer screen that makes me say, “Oh my DOG, I’m glad I have no human blood coursing through my veins.”

WCBD in Charleston has all of the funny goodness on an attempt to catch a cougar on the loose (Bonus: video at the link).

Warren, Michigan police responded to a 911 call about a cougar on the prowl.

“It’s huge; it’s like a 150-pound cat,” the caller told the operator.

About 10 officers arrived at Bates Park on 14 Mile Road east of Van Dyke and saw what looked like a big cat in an old cement drainpipe.

Warren police shot a Taser at the animal-hitting what turned out to be a large toy cougar.

Police Commissioner William Dwyer said officials now believe the incident was a prank, but he said his department could not take any chances since it was near a playground.

“We did what we had to do. We want to keep the city safe,” said Dwyer.

If the prankster is caught, he or she could have to pay the city back for the wasted police officers and could face 90 days probation.

Ten officers to subdue a stuffed cat? If I didn’t know better, I would think that thing was filled with jelly.


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