Bank Bailout for Ducks

May 21 | 2 Comments

Which one is Daffy?I like ducks.

Yeah, ducks. You know, like Daffy and Donald and Howard and ahhh, what’s her name? The ugly one. Uhhm, I can’t remember her name, but my point is there’s lots of them and they all seem to make the world a better place.

That got me to wondering why some restaurants like to serve them, even though the reviews aren’t that great for the actual meal. I base my observations on the messages I keep sniffing at the local fire hydrant that say ducks are greasy and difficult to eat. I’m thinking it’s a lot like my mother’s boiled chicken. If she’s reading this, please note that the boiling water does nothing to enhance the flavor of the pimply, rubbery skin you serve me.

But for every restaurateur serving it up l’orange style, there’s a sappy human looking to right their wrongs. The latest do-gooder incident occurred in downtown Spokane, Washington. The Metro has the full story.

A man dubbed ‘Duck Man’ has guided ducklings to safety after they tried to fly off a high ledge of a building.

The mother duck had built her nest on the ledge of a building in downtown Spokane, Washington, just outside the second floor window of banker Joel Armstrong.

After a dozen ducklings hatched, the mother needed to move her day-old babies to fresh water.

She herself flew the coop, but left her nervous ducklings to pace the edge of the ledge, too young to fly.

That’s when Armstrong took his perch on the sidewalk below at 5.45am and waited.

The first two dropped like stones.

Armstrong kept watch, caught, and corralled the ducklings as he chatted with the mother on the ground to keep her calm.

A crowd formed – initially for an afternoon community parade and then to watch the duck catcher.

One at a time with a steady hand and keen eyesight, Armstrong, a mild mannered loan officer, talked an entire family of baby ducks off a ledge.

When the family was reunited, Armstrong and others deftly manoeuvred the ducks down the parade route to a proper home, a local river.

The article doesn’t go on to mention that one-hundred yards further down the river, the owner of Ping’s All You Can Buffet, waited to catch that evening’s menu special.  It was simply called “Aflac with twelve Peeps” only $27.99!

OK…just kidding…and because you indulged me I’ll give you a video report of the incident.


2 Responses to “Bank Bailout for Ducks”

  1. Ruby Isabella Jones on May 26th, 2009 3:59 am

    Hooray for Duck Man!!!!!! Whenever you are in a difficult situation just call for Duck Man.

  2. Bo on May 26th, 2009 12:48 pm

    Hello Ruby Isabella…Duck Man rules, but let’s see how good your reading retention is.

    What time does Duck Man wake up?

    Did you say 5:45?

    Nope. He wakes at the quack of dawn!



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