Moose Tracks

That's a tall horse“Down the stretch they come!! It looks like Secretariat will win it easily…but wait…there on the outside a late charge by…Bullwinkle?…wins the race.”

Destiny. Some of us are meant to fulfill it, others are only meant to come enticingly close.

Me? I’ve fulfilled mine. You see I was destined to become a love machine. You put one Milkbone in the mouth slot and you get a single serving of love in the shape of a lick, a paw or a sniff of a crotch in return.

I’m lucky though. My dream was easily fulfilled. Others aren’t so lucky.

Take for instance, a moose in Saratoga who took matters into his own hooves to fulfill a lifelong dream of racing at the historic race track. Things didn’t turn out as planned. The Daily Gazette has the story.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — A moose on the loose near Saratoga Race Course was finally loaded onto a truck this afternoon after authorities spent hours corralling it and waiting for drugs to tranquilize it.

The 500-pound animal was in the streets in the neighborhoods near the track about 6:30 a.m. when city police were called, said Lt. Greg Veitch.

New York Racing Association security helped contain the moose, eventually corralling it inside the front entrance gates on Union Avenue.

Officers from the state DEC brought a tranquilizer narcotic from Ray Brook and a special van from Delmar for the moose, and were able to shoot it with a dart gun about 11:40 a.m.

It continued to walk around inside the race track gates until 11:55, when it stumbled and fell to the ground as a couple dozen people watched from the sidewalk on Union Avenue.

The animal was loaded onto the van and will be taken to the Lake Desolation area, Service said.

He said the moose likely will be OK when it wakes up.

Until it realizes it’s dreams of winning a race have been shattered. Get ready to fill a moose sized prozac prescription.


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