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June 24 | 1 Comment

Logan - The Pocket BernerI have a brother. His name is Logan and he is a Bernese Mountain Dog.

This particular breed is big in stature although Logan falls on the small side, or what I like to call a Pocket Berner. You know, because you can put him in your pocket. Granted, it needs to be big enough to carry 82 lbs.

His diminutive size is probably due to him not receiving the appropriate nutrition and care a growing pup needs. That, or his father was a midget. ¬†Either way, he’s small.

Regardless of size, he has a laid back disposition and likes to be a big lazy lug taking up my half of my parents’ bed at night.

So when I read the following story, I wondered how Logan would have reacted to the situation.

Berlin, June 23: A dog in Germany shot by a drunken man with a gun took swift revenge by biting off the end of the man’s nose, authorities said on Monday.

Police said the armed man was snooping at night in the yard of a house in Stadtlauringen in northern Bavaria when he shot the Bernese mountain dog from point-blank range.

Before collapsing, the dog leapt at the 39-year-old man and bit off the end of his nose, a local police spokesman said.

Bleeding profusely, the man called police and was taken for treatment in a nearby hospital. His motives for being in the yard were unclear, police said.

Doctors removed a bullet from the dog’s shoulder and discharged it from a clinic after an operation lasting several hours.

It just goes to show you some canines are nose dogs. As for Logan, I’m pretty sure he’d play the conscientous objector role.

Me? I’m a crotch guy.


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  1. AJ The Dog on June 28th, 2009 8:41 am

    My Mommy can’t wait to see you again. You are looking very handsome.

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