Cool Hippo in Hot Water

June 30 | 1 Comment

Sauna? Please put more water on the coals please.Damn it’s hot here in Atlanta. Upper 90′s, high humidity with a sprinkling of cough inducing smog.

Going outside is really no different than smoking a carton of Marlboro 100′s in a sauna. The end result is the same, a few pounds of water weight off your chassis and a few months off your life expectancy.

Makes you wonder what my parents were thinking when they moved me here.

At least if I’m going to be forced outside you’d think I’d be provided one of this blow up kiddie pools to lay my weary bones down in…and a mask to cover my mouth like Jacko used to wear. But alas, concern for me is secondary.

So I can definitely relate to the desires of a hippopotamus, the subject of today’s news story. The UK Metro has the details of a hot hippo.

An overheating hippo was so desperate to cool down that he climbed over the side of a 3m (10ft) water tower for a nice long soak.

However, after happily splashing around for a while, the mammal found it could not get out of the pool and was well and truly stuck.

Luckily, a farm worker noticed water spilling over the side of the concrete container and spotted two enormous nostrils poking out of the tank.

He immediately rang for help and, within hours, rescuers arrived at the farm in Alkmaar, just outside Nelspruit in South Africa.

Equipped with a hydraulic crane and a cage, hippo hunter Chris Hobkirk and his team from the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Association set to work. In a four-hour operation, they drained the tank and used poles to gently nudge the hippo into the 3m-long (10ft) steel cage before winching it to safety.

Although this hippo went to extreme lengths to cool down it is by nature a semi-aquatic animal. They usually stay in water all day until stepping on to land at dusk to graze.

At dusk I like to graze too. And when I say graze I mean beg for food in an air conditioned bedroom between two human bodies. Yeah, they eat in bed.


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  1. Animals Away on July 8th, 2009 3:35 pm

    Well that give a whole new meaning to happy hippo!

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