No Place Like a Squirrely Home

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Got Milk?I’m going to come right out and say it, I’m an ass dog.

If I see someone new, be it a dog, a cat or a human, I’m going to bury my face deep in the ass of that creature and take a big deep sniff. It’s the only way I can tell the character of that individual.

Let’s be honest, if you smell a load in a person’s underwear or spot a dingleberry hanging from a  cat’s behind, do you really need to know anything more about them? No! They’re clearly terrific ambassadors for all living things on mother earth!

I realize my method differs from others.  For instance, I know many dogs who judge character by the eyes, others are sensitive to touch, while still others are driven by taste. I’m not saying my way is the right way, but…well yeah I am saying that. My way is the right way.

The wrong way can be seen from today’s story about a squirrel in Ohio. Down at the kennel, it’s what we commonly call a boob squirrel. The UK Metro has the reason why.

The baby squirrel climbed out from between the women’s breasts as she was in the police station with detectives in Warren, Ohio.

Fortunately for us, the bizarre incident was recorded for posterity on CCTV, a still from which can be seen above.

Detective Warren Mackey said he was stunned.

‘No, I was not prepared to see a woodland creature in the interview room,’ Mackey said.

‘I kept right on talking to her and listening to her. I didn’t acknowledge it at all.’

The unidentified woman – who was not under arrest and was being questioned as part of a murder investigation – didn’t even broach the subject of the breast-squirrel.

As it climbed out of her clothes, she simply scooped the squirrel up and placed it back in her cleavage.

‘I really didn’t know what to say,’ said Mackey.

Makes me wonder where the squirrel was storing its nuts…hmmm.

Check out the disturbing video here.


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  1. nanny on July 5th, 2009 10:11 pm

    well you certainly have to giggle at that lol

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