Escaped Cat Strolls on Live TV Set

What are your thoughts about escaped cats?I’m an escape artist. Always have been, and I suspect, always will be.

The key to being an expert is to maintain a low profile. For instance when I dig under the fence to get out, I’ll dig a little each time I’m let outside making sure that no one is watching me. ¬†After a few ‘gotta go pee-pee’ adventures outside and I’ve dug a hole big enough to crawl under.

Then I’m free!

Of course it doesn’t end there. I’ll make sure to stay in the woods, or far enough behind the back yards of my neighbors so I’m not seen. It’s called low profiling and will extend your free time by hours.

Clearly the cat in today’s story is not aware of the low profiling technique, for after its escape, it was caught on TV on a live program. The Telegraph has the full details.

Tango appeared on screen on BBC1′s Question Time as David Dimbleby, politicians and pundits discussed topics as diverse as the wearing of burkhas, the situation in Iran and MP’s expenses.

The cat strolled into the studio as the show was being broadcast from Newquay, Cornwall, on Thursday evening.

The show was broadcast from Treviglas community college, where Ms Ellery works.

Recording was underway Tango crept in through a back door, ducked under a television mixing desk and made his way under the assembled seating.

Guests included Jim Knight, Minister for employment and welfare reform, Pauline Neville-Jones, Conservative shadow security minister, and Kelvin MacKenzie, former editor of The Sun

Tango appeared on set strolling around the back of the panel unnoticed or ignored by all except local Liberal Democrat MP Julia Goldsworthy.

A stage manager then grabbed the cat and returned him to the outdoors.

Ms Ellery, a mother-of-two who works in the school canteen and lives nearby, was watching Question Time from the comfort of her living room when the one-year-old tom appeared on screen.

“My friend phoned me up to say ‘have you seen your cat on the telly”, she said. “I’d been doing something else at the time but rewound it and there he was.

“It’s lovely – he’s a mischievous cat anyway and because we live so close to the school he’s often in school grounds.”

She’s not as talented as Susan Boyle, but is better looking.

Here’s the video of Tango in action.


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