Bo Knows Jealousy

July 7 | 1 Comment

Copper - locked and loaded for a Bo lickdownDear Bo,

My humans are away and the computer was left on…

Dude, I stuck in between heaven (with a sweet young affectionate and still intact golden) and hell (a older gal with the attitude to match the name  “Princess”)

Now, I’m not complaining dude, I get soft floors and beds to sleep on, my choice of couches to laze on and lots of treats, good grub, massages and belly rubs, heh, I love belly rubs.

Better than my last gig, the county jail where I was on death row, you know, no one wants us older dudes. Well my crazy humans did.  So my problem man, how to I tell the lady I LIKE having my face licked, and all?

She keeps shooing the sexy bitch away from me.

Well time for my noon nap, it’s hard being an old dog you know.


Dear Chance,

You don’t have to tell me about how hard it is getting old. Why just this morning I woke up and forgot where I put my teeth forcing me to ‘gum’ down my morning kibble. At least I remembered where I put my hearing aid.

Anyway, to your question.

My sister Copper licks my face all the time, whether I’m in the mood or not. She’ll even pin my two front paws down with hers to keep me from moving. But hey, at least she does a great job of cleaning my eye boogers. Unlike yours, my parents don’t get involved at all.

Your lady should know that face licking in adult canines can be a sign of respect or deference to a more dominant dog. It doesn’t sound like you are more dominant, but just receiving a little bit of respect. You’re not Rodney Dangefield’s dog, after all. That fact, and knowing the average dog loves getting its face licked, should set her straight that this is a healthy practice.

Point her to this blog and tell her to give me a call if she needs more info to be set straight.

Well, it’s time for my nap now.


P.S. Make sure to tell your folks that Bo is very proud of them for adopting an older dog!!


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